Damage Control

Romanticism has grown into a grounded vision on the world

By Teodor Lazarov

A striking release. Firmly, fresh and adventurous.

The RingMaster Review – Pete RingMaster – UK

The new wave sound of Model Depose has slowly evolved into its own style. Would you call it indie, rock or alternative pop? Model Depose has it all and is none of them. Their identity has matured and is audible in both the music and lyrics. Dark fiction has been traded with themes in which humanitarian issues are subtly raised. For example, the single Bombs are Falling is about post traumatic stress; the dissonance in your perception is becomes clear in Red Alert. One of the crown jewels on Damage Control is the love duet Cold War with the Groningen-based queen of darkness, FENN. The album is a full-fledged piece of music in which everything fits together like a puzzle, where grit and a soothing atmosphere always find balance through raw beats, dynamic vocals and subdued synthesizer melodies.

A really fantastic, bleak album between Electrorock and Synthpop. Model Depose deliver an album at the highest level

Electrozombies.com – Thomas Frenken – Germany
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