Music that draws you into a world of melancholia and hope


This would be the first EP with records of Model Depose. Drums were played by Nikita and all recordings were done in a homestudio.

  • Mercury
  • A Brand New Day
  • What Do You Say
  • What Do You Say (Radio Edit)

Classic postpunk that marvellously easy nests in your brain. A combination of a dark atmosphere mixed with the flashy guitar, catchy beat and the strong narrative vocals. A completely ingenious package. You can not ignore this, you have to listen to this and not only fans of the genre will appreciate this. Listen, dream, dance.

Darklifeexperience.com – Germany


Live-drums replaced the computerstyle of Nikita and this had an impact on how we write music. We recorded a new EP with the famous Nightwatch.

  • Mayday
  • Nightwatch
  • Forever
  • Beam of light
  • Nightwatch (Paul David Heckhousen Remix)

Their sound has a soaring melodic emotion, that I find intriguing, especially with an eerie undercurrent that complements their thought provoking lyrics.”

Rob Harvey – Phoenix FM – England


Splitting Light is the first full album we’ve recorded and released. It contains a great compilation of songs completed with our own interpretation of the Portishead song Sour Times.

  • Closer to Home
  • Papercut
  • We Feel We Can Make It
  • Greyscale
  • Rise and Fall
  • Sour Times (Portishead cover)
  • Vivid Colours Blinding Me
  • For You
  • 2nd Crash
  • Combat Force Machine Gun

Model Depose are not only brilliant vocally, but accompany that with masterful instruments played to perfection. These guys deliver brilliant tunes by the bucket loads.They do this by capturing the magic of some of the greats of the eighties, while equally standing out loud with their own individual sound.

Andrew Skerat Kennedy – Synthopia – Austria


Because Model Depose almost could be an anagram of Depeche Mode, we decided never to cover and release a track of these synthpop icons. We glamorously failed, since we’re pretty proud of our tribute to this fabulous band.


The new wave sound we created slowly evolved into its own style. Would you call it indie, rock or alternative pop? We think it has it all and is none of them. We matured in identity and that is audible in both the music and lyrics.

  • Wights
  • Stranger
  • Damage Control
  • Red Alert
  • Blackstar
  • Cold War (feat. FENN)
  • Drawing The Line
  • #dancelikenooneiswatchin
  • Yesterday’s Gloom
  • 03:00AM